About the facility
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Detroit Barbell Strength Training Facility

       Speed-strength is the combination of maximum speed incorporated with maximum strength to produce the greatest amount of power. We believe that this is the key to success for serious athletes in all sports who want to perform to their highest level. You have to train explosively in order to play explosively. Mass * Acceleration = Force and speed is the ultimate goal.


       Our professional strength trainers will assist you in your pursuit of excellence. Here are just a few of the trainers’ accomplishments.


 Clay Brandenburg's Credentials


            15 years of training experience

            Trained several state record holders

            Strongest man in Michigan history

            4-time Arnold Classic competitor

            National Champion

            World Champion

            1 of only 10 men in history to bench over 800 pounds  

            Current WPO Bench Bash for Cash Champion


 Other's Credentials


            Multiple 600, 700 and 800 pound squatters

            Multiple 500, 600 and 2 800 pound benchers

            National Level Powerlifting competitors


       We would like to thank you for considering us for your strength training needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our programs. We offer hands on personal health and nutrition programs, personal training, group training and seminars. We also offer a free coaches’ seminar that will give you an overview of our program.



Results guaranteed,


Detroit Barbell Strength Training Facility

The facility is equipped with the following


Forza Bench

Sarden Bench

Forza Deadlift Helper

Okie Deadlift bar

Squat bar

Squat Box

Texas Power bar

Safety Squat bars

Cambered bar

Cambered Squat Bar

several sets of bands

all boards


3000+ pounds of olympic weight

170, 180 and 210 pound dumbbells

Reverse Hyper

Glute Ham

Band deadlift platform

several machines

and much much more.....